Top 5 Most important SEO factors

Search engines hate SEO Search engine Optimization companies and for a good reason. Mobile First NOT Mobile-Friendly, Content, Page Speed and Backlinks are the Top 5 Most important SEO factors
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Top 5 Most important SEO factors

Top 5 Most important SEO factors

Search engines hate SEO "Search engine Optimization" companies and for a good reason. Search engines like Google work hard developing ways to offer the best results to its users. Many SEO Companies try to manipulate a websites ranking for terms it shouldn't rank for. Getting a website to rank isn't always easy even if you are the top in your industry. Many factors such as click-though rate and time spent on a page are hard to manage but they do play a role in a websites ranking. Here we will go over the Top 5 Most important SEO factors that you do have control over.


Google states that you should write compelling content and a lot of it. This is easier said than done. If you have been in your industry for years you will likely use terms in your content that most people would never search for. A good example is a Bounce House business we work with Jumpy Jumpers. They use the term Jumpy on most of their pages. We have found that Bounce House and Moon Bounce return a much better result. If you have a local business see How to get a better local business search listing.

How to get a better local business search listing

When writing content you should have a list of 3 to 5 main focus terms ready. Do research on these terms before you start. If you can, wrap the terms in a H2 tag similar to how we started this content section "Content". The text in the content should be wrapped in a
tag. This helps the search engines understand that this content block goes together. Us BOLD and Strong to let the search engines know which words are important in the section. Don't over do it.

Good page content is King when it comes to writing content for SEO. Write as much as you can without being to redundant. We like to see 800 words when possible. Content is one of the Most important SEO factors.

Mobile First NOT Mobile-Friendly

The years of a mobile-friendly website are over. It's time to think Mobile First. A mobile-friendly website means it will load and most of the important content will display. A mobile first website means it was developed for phones and devices. Howey Web can audit and fix this for you if needed.

When previewing your website on a phone or a device you should make sure all the call to actions are easy to find. If your address, phone number or product pages can't be easily found you should consider fixing. You website should load in under 3 seconds. You will be penalized if it takes longer. You may also lose customers who are not willing to wait.

Search engines like Google consider mobile first when ranking a website. This means in order to get a better listing you should consider it with your SEO Marketing PlanMobile First is one of the Most important SEO factors.

Page Speed

Your website needs to load fast! Lots of text "Content" will not slow your website. Too many images and Javascript fills will even if they are optimized. It is important to optimize all the images on your website. A few 5mb images can be a killer. Because some Content Management systems resize images it is good practice to grab your image folders and optimize all the images. Javascript fills should be combined when possible and minimize when completed. Page Speed is one of the Most important SEO factors.

Anchor text, H tags and Alt tags

In bound and outbound anchor text should be exact match when possible. You should use caution to not over do it.

Page tags like an H1 and H2 are very important. They help the search engines understand what a page is about. The H1 should be used once and should be the main title of the page. We typically like the H1 to match the page meta title and be in the url. The h1 text should also be in the page description at least once and on the page 1 to 5 times depending on how much content is one the page.

Alt tags are often over looked and more often wrong. Each image on a page should have a title and an alt tag. The image time should be a brief  description of the image and the alt should be a little more to the point. Alt tags are one of the Most important SEO factors to focus on.


Other website NEED to link to your website. This is very tricky for a normal website. It is best to have websites similar to your business linking to you. If the website linking to your website has a high ranking it will return a better result. Website like Yelp offer very little backlink value unless you are a paid member. For this you may need a little code knowledge to understand "nofollow".  Also pay attention to how many scammy websites link in. This can hurt a ranking more than help it. Backlinks are one of the Most important SEO factors to focus on.

Additional Information

We've recently seen other SEO marketing companies state that the Meta Title and Meta Description are no longer offer value. This may be true as far as ranking but more times than not the Meta data is what is shown to the users in the search engines. Without specifying this information you are relying on the search engines to pick your title and description. This could really hurt your click-through rate. Facebook will use your Meta data when sharing. Make sure to create a unique Meta Title and Meta Description for each page.

Structured Data is more on the coding side but is something that need to be included.  Structured data allows search engines to not only crawl your website, but to understand it. Structured Data, H tags and title and Alt tags help the bots understand your content.